How to get toHonister Minescar-free

Visit Honister Mines car-free

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It takes a little planning to visit Honister mines near Keswick car-free.

When running, bus 77 leaves a few times per day from Keswick bus station. The journey takes about 60 minutes. Hop off at Honister Youth Hostel. It’s then a 5-minute stroll to Honister Mines.

Otherwise, bus 78 runs regularly to Seatoller National Trust car-park. The journey takes about 30 minutes. It’s then about a 35-minute walk.

There are direct buses to Keswick from: Cockermouth (about 30 mins, bus X4 and X5), Penrith (40 mins, bus X4 and X5), Wigton (45 mins, bus 554) and Workington (50 mins, bus X4 and X5).

There are direct trains to Penrith from: Oxenholme (25 mins), Lancaster (40 mins), Preston (55 mins), Carlisle (15 mins), Lockerbie (35 mins), Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester and London.

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About Honister Mines

The Honister Mines is ideal for those who love adventure, are you daring enough to climb the mine, camp on a cliff or descend the canyons?
Fuel your adrenaline whilst taking in some of the Lake District’s most beautiful landscapes.

For any queries about visiting contact Honister Mines on 017687 77230 or

Address: Honister Pass Borrowdale Keswick Cumbria CA12 5XN. Visit Website