How to get toShepherd Neamecar-free

Visit Shepherd Neame car-free

Visit by bus for just £2 each way. Most buses in England are offering £2 Single Fares until 31st December 2024. Our journey planner will show you if your route is included, or you can find a full list of participating operators and routes here.

It’s easy to reach Shepherd Neame car-free. The brewery is a 15-minute walk from Faversham train station. 

There are direct trains to Faversham from: London Victoria (70 mins), London St Pancreas International (65 mins), Dover Priory (45 mins), Ramsgate (45 mins), Canterbury (10 mins), Whitstable (10 mins). 

Buses stop almost outside from: Ashford (35 mins, bus 666), Canterbury (30 mins, bus 3), Maidstone (60 mins, bus 3), Whitstable (35 mins, bus 638).

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Here’s some information on accessibility on buses and trains.

About Shepherd Neame

Britain’s oldest brewer, nestled in the pleasant town of Faversham continues to put quality at the forefront of its beer.

For any queries about visiting contact Shepherd Neame on 01795 532206 or

Address: 17 Court St, Faversham ME13 7AX. Visit Website