How to get toDunnottar Castlecar-free

Visit Dunnottar Castle car-free

From Stonehaven, it’s a spectacular 1½ miles’ walk along the cliffs to Dunnottar Castle. The walk definitely adds to the visit. It’s also possible to cycle or get the bus.

Bus X7 from Aberdeen stops every hour at Dunnottar Junction, about 5 minutes’ walk from the castle’s car park. Bus 107 from Stonehaven and Montrose stops there too.

There are regular trains to Stonehaven from Aberdeen (20 minutes), Edinburgh (from 2 hours) and beyond.

Use our journey planner to get the best route from where you are.

Cyclists welcome - plan your route here

None yet, but Dunnottar Castle encourage their visitors to arrive by foot or public transport where possible.

Here’s some information on accessibility on buses and trains.

About Dunnottar Castle

Even in picture-perfect Scotland, few sights are as breath-takingly atmospheric as this ruined clifftop castle. Once home to the Earls Marischal, one of historic Scotland’s most powerful families, there are haunting tunnels and towers to explore and views across the wild, dramatic sea.

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For any queries about visiting contact Dunnottar Castle on 01569 766320 or

Address: Dunnottar Castle, Stonehaven, AB39 2TL. Visit Website