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Face Maskson trains and buses

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Since June 15th 2020, you need to wear a face covering on buses and trains in England and Scotland. And from 27th July a three layer mask is mandatory in Wales on buses, trains, and taxis. This is to help reduce the risk of spreading coronavirus. Research suggests wearing some cloth over your mouth and nose helps protect other people you come into contact with if you happen to be infectious. It doesn't need to be complicated. You can easily buy or make your own non-surgical face masks. We've put together a few tips and ideas about travelling safely and comfortably by public transport. Network Rail have summarised the advice: "Travel at quieter times. Wash your hands. Wear a face covering." And thanks to LNER for the pictures of their new face masks featuring regional images (see 3 below).

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  1. 3. More masks for sale

    Here are some more things you might want to think about when buying or making masks. The rubbish from disposable masks is just one unfortunate side effect of the Coronavirus pandemic. But it’s a problem that’s easier to solve than some.

    • Can I avoid disposable masks? Washable fabric masks are much better for the planet. It’s handy to have at least one spare one so you can wear it while the other one is in the wash. Just bung them in with an ordinary load of laundry each time you use them – like you would socks or underwear!
    • Which are the most sustainable masks? Where does it come from? is a UK-based company selling organic cotton masks from ethically sourced cotton. They cost £42 for a pack of four, but each pack sold also means a donation to the Trussell Trust and to the social enterprise in India, where the cotton is grown and processed.
    • How have bus and train companies responded to the new law? LNER have just unveiled a stylish series of face coverings that celebrate regional landmarks along their route. The new masks feature the London Eye, the Tyne bridge and Scottish thistles. You can order them online and proceeds go to LNER’s charity partner, the Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM). Transdev bus company have produced a face mask in the company colours, which you can buy for £4.50 with proceeds going to NHS Charities Together.
  1. 4. How can I stay safe and comfortable on public transport?

    Here are some more tips to help get you back on the train or bus as safely as possible.

    • Is there any way to find out how busy the train or bus will be? Some companies supply helpful info about avoiding busy trains and buses, like this from Greater Anglia or the new busy bus feature on the Stagecoach app.
    • Are the loos open? Generally, yes. Very helpful for hand-washing!
    • How can I stop my glasses fogging up? This Guardian article suggests putting your glasses in soapy water and then letting them dry to prevent them steaming up.
    • Can I stop my mask feeling hot? If you’re going to be wearing face coverings quite a bit, it’s worth doing a bit of research to find the most comfortable fit for the summer. A mask takes a bit of getting used to, but it’s easier if you distract yourself with the view outside the window, a book, phone or other entertainment. You’ll find you soon forget about the mask and enjoy the journey more.