How to get toOliver Cromwell’s Housecar-free

Visit Oliver Cromwell’s House car-free

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It’s easy to visit Oliver Cromwell’s House car-free as it’s 15 minutes from Ely train station.

There are direct trains to Ely from London King’s Cross (70 mins), Norwich (50 mins), Cambridge (15 mins), the Midlands and Stansted Airport. When you travel by train, and Ely PlusBus ticket gives you unlimited local bus travel.

There are also buses to Ely from Newmarket (bus 112) and other local areas.

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About Oliver Cromwell’s House

Oliver Cromwell once lived in this half-timbered house close to Ely cathedral. The east wing dates back to the thirteenth century and the house itself has an interesting history with several rooms devoted to a museum about the man who ruled England after the execution of Charles I.

For any queries about visiting contact Oliver Cromwell’s House on 01353 662062 or

Address: Oliver Cromwell's House 29 St Mary's Street, Ely, Cambridgeshire, CB7 4HF. Visit Website