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The world’s oldest inhabited castle and official residence of his maj, King Charles III, Windsor Castle has towered over the Thames for more than a thousand years. But that’s not all this old town has to offer: you can see the place where King John agreed to sign Magna Carta, the famous document enshrining some of the legal principles that still exist today. You can stroll through Windsor Great Park or along the lovely River Thames or visit Old Windsor, earliest Saxon town in Berkshire and seat of Edward the Confessor. Do all this and more with a PlusBus ticket, which gives you all-day bus travel across Windsor and neighbouring Eton.

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  1. 3. Take a stroll in the park – or by the river…

    Central Windsor around the famous castle gets very crowded with tourists, but the bus enables you to escape to the large expanses of grass and water that surround the town.

    • The Great Park, mentioned above, can be reached via the Long Walk (see 2 above). You could get off bus 8 at Shaw Farm Gate and walk back along the road and then along the stately avenue, past the equestrian statue of George III. Bus 01, from York House in Windsor, runs to the stop called Queen’s Anne Gate.
    • The delightful Thames Path runs beside the river for several lovely miles through the Windsor area and the bus is perfect for a linear walk. You can set off from near the station and walk for five miles, following the signs across the river and back to Old Windsor (see 2 above). Wildlife along the Thames includes ducks, coots, moorhens and several types of geese, including smart-looking Egyptian geese with their distinctive dark eyepatches.
    • Where the road converges with the River Thames at the far end of Old Windsor, you will reach a bus stop opposite the Harvester pub. From here, bus 8 will take you back to the station.
    • For more car-free day trips in the area, check out our guide to exploring Slough by bus. You can also buy a Plusbus ticket for Slough and open up a whole new set of adventures.